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you don't have to work

2013-08-16 02:46:25 by GoodLuckTurtle

and i could get you anything you want

you don't have to work

it was good

I ate at Chick-Fil-A today


2013-08-09 11:17:15 by GoodLuckTurtle


2013-08-07 16:26:59 by GoodLuckTurtle

The guts

Diarrhea Sucks

2013-07-30 17:37:32 by GoodLuckTurtle

If diarrhea was a living thing, I'd brutally kill it.

Enjoy some Gooffee

2013-07-27 13:36:24 by GoodLuckTurtle



2013-07-20 04:39:40 by GoodLuckTurtle

Howcast are Gods.



2010-08-13 16:39:39 by GoodLuckTurtle



Big School Incident

2009-11-04 19:15:26 by GoodLuckTurtle

Today in my fourth-period class, this sophomore, a year younger than me, but about five inches taller than me, named Jose, did something in class. We share our class with another subject, so the teacher of that class occasionally comes in and uses a little doorway in the room and she can hear very little of what we do, but she sneezed inside the room and Jose said "Bless you' and everyone was laughing about the silliness of it. I laughed too, and then I laughed a minute later while a test was just given out, and a few others laughed again with me too.

At lunchtime, it was normal, except the weather was very cold, unlike yesterday's sunniness. Me, Jose, a senior named Eric, and three fellow juniors names Ken, Jon, Francisco went to a parking lot near the exterior of the campus and we all fought as a joke. Eventually after that we ran away after a few witnesses came to the scene and eventually one to two-hundred people rushed up to see what they thought was a big fight. However, nothing was there and all the people ran to see something, but there was NOTHING.

We tricked everybody!